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About Us

What is Orthotics and Prosthetics?

Orthotics is a specialist field allied to medicine which focuses on the design, production and use of orthoses.

Orthoses are devices which are applied externally to any part of the body in order to prevent or correct deformity, promote or improve function of the affected area or assist in the reduction of pain.

A clinician that practices within the field of Orthotics is called an Orthotist.

Prosthetics is the evaluation, fabrication, and custom fitting of artificial limbs, known as "prostheses." Prostheses enhance the function and lifestyle of persons with limb loss. The prosthesis must be a unique combination of appropriate materials, alignment, design, and construction. A clinician that practices within the field of Prosthetics is called a Prosthetist

Our Practitioners

Raymond Frieszell, MS, CPO

Owner practitioner, Raymond Frieszell is a board certified Washington licensed prosthetist/orthotist with over 30 years experience. A graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of Washington, Raymond has been practicing in the Pacific Northwest for the past 21 years. He regularly participates in training conferences throughout the United States to keep his knowledge base current. In turn, he is actively involved in local educational seminars to help the general public keep abreast of the industry advancements. Raymond frequently volunteers his time within the community service projects and  is active in mentoring youth in church service.

Pacific Prosthetics and Orthotics is committed to providing care and friendly service to those with prosthetic and orthotic needs. Most insurances are accepted. New patients are always welcomed.

 Todd Gillick, CPO,Licensed Prosthetist/Orthotist, Washington State

University of Washington, Master of Science, Prosthetics & Orthotics.

He completed both his Orthotic and Prosthetic residency at Augusta Orthotics and Prosthetic in Augusta Georgia. As a military veteran Todd has learned a great deal about life's challenges and is able to apply this understanding in helping his patients regain the mobility they desire.  Todd is very personable and will take the time to listen to your concerns. He is our expert prosthetist and has had substantial experience in this area of expertise. Todd tries to keep up with his two children who are avid competitive swimmers.


"I have been a patient of Pacific Prosthetics for years and they have always provided the highest quality products and services. No matter what the problem Raymond Frieszell has always been there for me when I needed him. I am completely satisfied with Pacific P & O and would recommend them to anyone."

-Paul West

"Raymond Frieszell at Pacific Prosthetic and Orthotics is an expert in his field. I refer many of my patients to Pacific P & O’s services because I know that they will receive professional, friendly service of the highest quality. Pacific P & O puts people's needs above anything else and I know that any patient that I referred to them will be well taken care of."

-Dr. Michael Dujela

“Until I found Raymond and Pacific Prosthetics and Orthotics I thought I would spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. I lost my leg about 10 years ago and my doctor sent me to a prosthetist, but the final product didn’t work for me. I went through several more prosthetists and the results were the same. I was very frustrated and thought I would never walk again. Finally, I was referred to Raymond and I was impressed by the dedication and time he gave in finding a solution that allowed me to once again walk in comfort. Pacific Prosthetics has changed my life, and I am very grateful for all that they do for me.” 

-Kim Norwood


What We Do

        Biomechanical Assessment

           Static – This is an assessment of the body when not in motion and can be either weight bearing or non-weight bearing. It allows the practitioner to observe any unusual joint positions and check for muscle strength.

                Dynamic – This is a weight bearing assessment of the body when in motion and allows the practitioner to observe whether there are any unusual joint positions or motions during gait.                                                        


Using the skills of our practitioner and technicians we utilize the most advanced materials to ensure the most appropriate products are created.


We ensure that our orthoses or prostheses are accurate in fit and provide the highest levels of function, comfort and appearance.

Repairs and Aftercare

We have pride in the provision of our services and ensure that you have access to efficient and effective repairs and aftercare.

Your New Prosthesis

Initial Appointment

The purpose of this appointment is to assess and understand your background and current needs and desires. This includes an assessment of the current prosthetic/orthotic fit and function (if applicable) but will also explore the your care and rehabilitation experienced to date. We will take your medical history, conduct a gait assessment (walking) and assess your condition for a prosthetic/orthotic device.

The meeting is also an opportunity to establish goals and talk about issues, barriers and concerns that help to build a good picture of what you require. It would help us greatly in making an assessment if you could record what social, sporting and day-to-day activities you took part in prior to the amputation, what you can do now and what you would like to be able to do again.

We will discuss future prognosis in relation to your  activity level and options available to you. It is difficult to let you know in advance how long the initial consultation will take, as we will spend as much time as you need to ensure both client and clinician have all the information necessary to best serve you.

We suggest you allow between thirty minutes to one hour for your initial consultation. We recommend that you wear something comfortable and loose fitting and request that you bring your current device (if applicable) with you. 

Our Services


All prosthetics limbs including state-of the-art microprocessor arms and knes, and prosthetic dynamic feet.


Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (AFO)


Knee braces (Sports & Osteo Arthritis)

Fracture and Cast braces

Hip abduction braces

Pediatric bracing

Night splints

Support hose


Diabetic Shoes & Inserts

Arch Supports (Foot Orthotics)

Metatarsal Pads/bars

Heel Wedges

Ankle Supports

Custom shoes

Ankle braces/ supports


Finger splints

Wrist splints

Radial/ulnar/humeral Fracture braces

Tennis elbow bands & Elbow braces

Shoulder Sublux & Abduction splints

Acromial-clavicular splints 


Lumbo-sacral and thoracic Supports

Scoliosis/ Kyphosis braces

Body Jackets (TLSO)

Cervical Collars

Abdominal Supports

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